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Hi there!

I am not American, and I am not a kiwi, but recently a burning question rose in me and I am hoping to find some answers using livejournal. I am an 18 year old Dutch girl and aprox. 12 years ago I had a classmate from New Zealand, named Dylan. He was in our class for over a year and then he went to Fiji and after that his family would move back to New Zealand. He had an older sister. He will be about 18 too now. That is pretty much all the information I have. I hope that I can find him with help from several livejournal communities.

If you know ANYTHING at all about a dylan from New-Zealand, or if you have an idea how to find him, I'd be really glad.

Thank you guys in advance!

Phone Cards

So, after receiving my latest phone bill and thinking of how much worse its going to be when I get the one with all the Christmas calls on it... I've decided I've gotta start using a phone card to call home.

Any suggestions for ones with good rates?

A girl abroad

Back in the States, my mom is a member of a group at the high school she works at called "At Least We are Not Patty Wargo". They are a group of women whos daughters have moved abroad to be with husbands and boyfriends, mainly in the UK. They have called the group this because my mom,Patty Wargo, has me in New Zealand and they are grateful they only have to fly to the UK to be with their daughters. 

Long story short, a columnist in a local paper in PA wrote this article on parents who have children who live far away from them. I thought it might hit home for some of us in this community. There is a followup to this article here.

One of the women in the above mentioned group contacted the columnist and mentioned that they had this group going on. The columnist has already interviewed the moms, and has started on contacting the daughters. Her intent is to put together a story on us, I think. 

No matter what our reasons for being overseas, I guess we all leave someone behind. 

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I know this community is small, but I was hoping someone could help me out! I'm thinking about studying abroad at Univ. of Canterbury for a year. I was wondering if anyone has any experience doing this. Did you find the workload/difficulty comparable to your home university? How was the transition? I'm studying English and Environmental Science-- does anyone have any experience with these programs at Canterbury? Thanks in advance!

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So, I guess I should start out with the first post in this community since I started the whole thing. My name is Jessica and I have recently become a permanent resident in NZ. Yay! This is great because it makes life a bit more affordable for me right now with university fees and the like. Both phonix and I am are relieved, because it was a bit nerve-racking there for a bit. In the end, the process was not that difficult. I had these visions of my paperwork being tied up in red tape for ever and ever. I guess that is what I came to expect with listening to other peoples immigration woes from other communities.

Right now, I am living in Christchurch on the South Island with my husband, who I mentioned before. I am attending Lincoln University in the their degree program for viticulture and oenology - to put it short and sweet - grape growing and wine making. So, yeah, I am living out my dream. I am living with the love of my life in an awesome country!

New Zealand is very similar to living in the States, but it can also be very different. First off, it is smaller, meaning it is not six degrees of separation, it is more like 3 degrees of separation. Weird, but nice. The people here are very friendly....more friendly than they care to admit sometimes. It is also seems like it is more of a melting pot than the States. Probably because there is less segregation than in the States. I will be the first to admit that I come from a very white part of PA, so it was cool to live in a place that there are so many different ethnicities at your doorstep.

Look for more up to date postings in the near future!
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