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Living it up in New Zealand

New Zealand Immigration & Settlement DVD

Living it up in New Zealand

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New Zealand Immigration & Settlement DVD

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Hi there! My husband and I are Americans living in New Zealand for the past 3 years. We went through both the Working Holiday and Residency Visa application process to get here, and I'm happy to answer any questions! We love New Zealand so much that we just produced Go New Zealand: The Immigration and Settlement DVD.

It is a 2 disc DVD set that provides all the need-to-know information about moving to & living in New Zealand. We made this DVD because it's something we were looking for when we were deciding to immigrate, but didn't exist. We have information about New Zealand, visas, education, healthcare, employment & more, and interviews with immigrants and New Zealand experts talking on all these subjects.

I thought this might be of interest to some people in this community thinking about immigrating to New Zealand. We sell the DVD internationally through our website www.nzimmigrationdvd.com and will be selling it wholesale in and out of New Zealand as well. We are really proud of what we have accomplished and hope it will help many people settle in what we think is an amazing country! Here's a preview video of the DVD:


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    • Hi Erik,

      Those are a lot of hefty questions! I'll do my best to answer, but it's only my personal opinion!
      Unfortunately I have had a lot of testing of the heath care system since I got diagnosed with cancer since moving here. I have found the treatment to be top notch, quick and insanely cheap (or free). New Zealand is a small country and so can do a lot more than the US can with a public heath care system. I am so glad I didn't go through my treatment in the US. Besides major illnesses, general health care is very affordable and accessible. Although nothing is perfect, I have hardly any complaints.

      I live in the North Island, so I can't speak about the weather in the south, but I would say since it's an island country, there is definitely a maritime climate, it does rain a lot, but the weather changes pretty quickly.

      New Zealanders all generally seem to get along pretty well. There are bad seeds wherever you go, but they seem to be just farther in between here. Coming from Philadelphia where there are over 200 murders a year- I think people get ahead of themselves when talking about violence in New Zealand:)

      Hope this helps!
  • DVD review

    Yes, I know this is an old post (maybe I can breathe some life back into the community?)

    In case some of you are wondering about this DVD, I bought it. It was decent, most of the things in the first DVD I already knew for the most part, but it was really nice to have that info all in one place.

    I enjoyed the interviews with immigrants the most and really got more out of that disc.

    It really needed some background music...
    More pictures and video of some of the areas (landscape, city,houses, ect.) would have been nice and more interviews with migrants.

    The interview with the bank guy (I think it was the bank guy) made me chuckle because you could tell he was reading cue cards and was nervous as a cat at the dog pound. It wasn't bad...just funny.
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